Gender: Erotic Capital

Contemporary pop cultural issues involving sex, gender and race

In this session we are going to look at contemporary pop cultural issues involving sex, gender and race.

Relating to current issues like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj feud; Beyoncé’s selfclaimed title as a feminist; Ariana Grande’s essay … – ,,My fear for my daughter is not that she will some day act in a sexual way, it is that she will learn to act sexually against her own interest.” – Is it still a choice for a woman to choose her own body? Or do they have no other choice (specially in connection with pop culture)? Why are even men now starting to sexualize their bodys (specially gay men in pop culture)? Why is the body so important in connection to womanhood? Why is it so easy to capitalize it? Why even capitalize the body when everything else is already capitalized? Did social media (especially instagram) bring the body of the bourgoisie into this certain capitalist vortex? Let’s try to render some of the problematics about the body and have a discussion about its capitalist haze.


HfG Offenbach, D-101